The nature of educational research is analogous with the nature of research itself, which is systematic, reliable and valid to find the “truth”, investigates knowledge, and solves problems (William Wiersma, 1991). Moreover, educational research process involves steps to collect the information in order to investigate problems and knowledge. However, the educational research is more complex because it can use various approaches and strategies to solve problems in educational setting. It also can involve many disciplines such as anthropology, sociology, behaviour, and history. In addition, educational research is important because of contributing knowledge development, practical improvement, and policy information (John W.Creswell, 2005). Therefore, educators can use those research findings to improve their competences and teaching and learning process.

Furthermore, the characteristics of educational research are a part of its nature. According to Gary Anderson (1998), there are ten characteristics of educational research. I tried to classify those into three categories, which are the purpose of research, the procedures of research, and the role of researcher. The purposes of research are to solve the problems, investigate knowledge, and establish the principles in educational phenomena. In short, it focuses on solving the problems and developing knowledge. Furthermore, procedure is an important characteristic of educational research, which involves colleting data with accurate observation, objective interpretation, and verification. Finally, researchers need to be experts and familiar with their field of study, using the data to develop solutions and increase knowledge. The researchers also need to be patient and careful to use every step of research’s procedures to achieve the purpose of research.

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  1. I want to know the following:

    1. Why is it important to conduct educational research?
    2. The are at least five ways to acquire knowledge; Why is the scientific method of acquiring knowledge regarded as the most reliable method?
    3. What are the two major types of research and why each type is so labelled?

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    i am feel to be proud as female that women also done a big job like u.


    we students are so nuch confused between research and scientific method.

    what are the basic characteristics of educational research?

  3. I want to know about:
    1-Nature , structure and assumptions of science
    2-Various tools of science: concepts, constructs, definition, hypothesis, theoriees, laws and models.

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    Thank you for the wonderful job to humanity. I appreciate yoiur effort and pray Almighty will reward.please i want you to help with materials on Educational Research and how to analyse my data. I am Ph.D student wants to carry-out my reseach studies in the area.
    Ahmed Muhammed.

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