Lesson Plan in Mathematics Using Glasson’s Learning Cycle

By Lerry

Year Level : First Year Secondary Students

Section : Heterogeneous Class

No. of Students : 40

Prior knowledge required : Fundamental operation of numbers, Fractions,


Lesson 1: Topic Title: Percent

§ Teaching Strategy Applied: Glasson’s Learning Cycle

To teach this lesson using Glasson’s Learning cycle: exploration,

clarification and elaboration.

§ Exploration

The teacher begins exploring students’ view about percent by engaging the students in the following activity:

Students will be divided into heterogeneous and cooperative learning groups of 5.

Each group will be given words such as fraction, decimal, and percent.

Students are required to define each word based on their prior knowledge.

After 10 minutes, one representative from each group will present to the class about their output.

§ Clarification

After the presentation, the teacher will establish the concept about the topic. Then he/she will provide motivating experiences related to the topic. After which a discussion will follow for the students to reevaluate their ideas. Then the teacher will interpret and clarifies students’ views.

§ Elaboration

To elaborate further students’ understanding of the topic, students are again divided into groups (same group in the first activity). They will imagine a restaurant as their setting. Each group will be given a set of menu-for their imaginative meal and paper bills (play money)-as their budget. Each member of the group will have an opportunity to order whatever they desire from the menu. Have the students calculate the bill for

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