The world, where the mind is brightest

The space, where the voice is perceived sound

The land, when the colourful is valued

The paradise, when the sun is warmest

No shade in the colorful of divergence

No edging under the luminous of brainpower

No break within the deviation of heart

No blur in the amazing of scrutiny

There is a run on the boundless stripe

There is a rhyme for the wind

There is a ray for the way

There is a space for the sovereignty

Within the secrets rain

On the touch of grass

The shout of noon

The silent of moon

I would keep on within limitless time

One thought on “My Paradise”
  1. Wow! Uwie, You have put so much work into this. It is wonderful to read about your emerging thinking and how brave to share it in this way. I can learn a lot from you!


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